Every $10 we receive buys a helmet for a child

Help us Help Children!!!

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We propperly adjust every helmet we give to a child and thoroughly educate every child, parent and caregiver about the function and the importance of wearing a properly adjusted bicycle helmet every time they ride. 

Donate 1 Helmet

$ 10 USD

Donate 5 Helmets

$ 50 USD

Donate 10 Helmets

$ 100 USD

Donate $100 and become a member of Helmets 4 Kids. Not only is your donation tax deductable we will send your membership certificate via mail in as little as one week.

Donate 25 Helmets

$ 250 USD

Donate $250 become a co-sponsor of an event and a Bronze member of Helmets 4 Kids

Donate 50 Helmets & Become an Event Sponsor

$ 500 USD

Donate $500 and become an event sponsor and a Silver Member of Helmets 4 Kids. Simply make your donation and we will contact you via email to help you select the area you would like your event to be held.

Donate 100 Helmets and Sponsor 2 Events

$ 1000 USD

Donate $1000 and you are buying 100 helmets for children in our communitiy. You become a Gold level member of Helmets 4 Kids and become a names sponsor of your choice of one or two bike rodeos. Your tax deductavle donation will go a long way to keeping children safe.