What is Helmets 4 Kids or H4K ?

     Helmets 4 Kids also known as H4K is a non-profit orginiation, our mission is to spread the word of helmet  safety and to get bicycle helmets to as many children as possible.


Why is H4K coming to my child's school?

     We are coming to your child's school to educate everyone on the importantance of bicycle helmet use. We will also pass out properly fitting helmets to every child.


Does this cost me or my child"s school any money?

     No, there is no cost to you or your childs school for us coming to speak.  


Who pays for the helmets?

     The helmets are either donated to H4K or purchased by H4K using funds donated by one of our sponsors.

How can I help?

     You can volunteer at the helmet event.

     You can make a donation to offset the cost of your child"s helmet ( the average cost of a helmet in Sioux Falls is $20)

     Most importantly you can follow through at home and enforce bicycle helmet use.