What is H4K or Helmets 4 Kids?

     We are a nonprofit organization determined to educate children as well as their parents and care givers on the importance of bicycle safety.


What do we do?

     We come to schools and other youth organizations, speak to the children and pass out bicycle helmets.


Who will be speaking?

     Survivors, their families, medical professionals, other qualified individuals.


What are we hoping to accomplish?

     We are trying to prevent injuries and deaths of children.


What kind of background check has been done on your members?

     All members have passed a cps central registry check prior to being scheduled to attend events.


What is the cost to the school or organization?

     While we will not turn down any donations, we do not ask for any monetary compensation in return for our visit.


What do we do if we are interested in you coming to our school or organization?

     We need just a few pieces of information. The name of a contact person, how many students you have, approximately when you would like us to visit and the name and location of your school or organization.


Where do the helmets come from?

     We are continually seeking out sponsors and having fundraisers. We use these funds to purchase bicycle helmets, and of course we always accept donations of new helmets.